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 Forum of Democratic Leadership

– FDL is envisaged as the framework for practical qualification, as the increase of the level of knowledge on key political skills, the most important questions and problems of the reform processes in the context of European and Trans-Atlantic integrations of Montenegro,
– With the idea of creating of platform for the cross sector connection,
– Bearing in mind that the School had internal changes during the last eight years, that followed the dynamics and proportions of the reform processes in the country, since 2006, SDL has become the member of the network of School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe, thus increasing the quality of its programs at the higher level, through interaction with Council of Europe, and similar schools at the Western Balkan and the South East Europe territory,
– Passing the program contents that cover the most important topics on transition, offering to its participants modern and interesting perspectives of everyday problems, through interactive work with recognized experts from Montenegro and abroad,
– Aware that networking and connecting are very important for our work ,
– Devoted to European democracy political culture and the system of values,

we, alumni of nine generations of School of Democratic Leadership establish


With the following goals:

  • Organizing and connecting, in the manner that would provide communication between participants
  • Creating of conditions for additional education within SDL or partner schools of political studies, and mutual cooperation between alumni on the grounds of SDL program content
  • Creating of formal framework for the support to mutual activities of SDL alumni
  • Intensive contribution to democratic and integration processes in Montenegro

Work of the Forum will be public and will provide to all members to participate in creation of its work, and to use its resources and resources of other alumni.