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School of Political Studies started to work in 2002, with the mission of additional education of active and future creators of political decisions, recognized bearers of social changes and creators of public opinion, and potential and active initiators of positive social processes and reforms. The SPS administrator is Civic Alliance (www.gamn.org).

School of Political Studies is envisaged as the form of additional education, a framework for achieving new theoretical and practical knowledge and techniques that will provide participants with more professional, efficient, and modern performing of public jobs they are engaged in. The idea of the organizer is to create the political elite in Montenegro, establishing competent, efficient politicians and social activists capable to adopt and use different knowledge, and facts, to think and act and understand fundamental values on which is based the idea and practice of development of democratic society and values of European integration.

Exactly the idea of reforms, successful work within political parties, and European integration are three key problematic program focuses of SPS. In that manner, the School contributes towards the improved organization of work of parties, implementation of democratic reforms, positive transformation of Montenegrin society, and better positioning of our country in new and expanded Europe.

At the same time, the new space is opening for critical consideration of the possibilities and limitations of transitional processes in Montenegro.