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Public Dialogue on Energy Efficiency in Montenegro

School of Democratic Leadership implements the project „Public Dialogue on Energy Efficiency in Montenegro”, supported by GIZ Open Regional Fund.

The project is the part of regional initiative „Strengthening the Network of Schools of Political Studies as an intermediary for the process of public dialogue on climate changes and sustainable use of energy”, conducted by members of of Network of Schools of Political Studies which acts in the South East Europe, under auspices of the Council of Europe:

  • School of Democratic Leadership (Podgorica)
  • Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (Belgrade)
  • Academy for Political Development (Zagreb)
  • Pristina Institute for Political Studies (Pristina)
  • Centre for Research and Policy Making (Skopje)
  • Academy for Political Studies (Tirana)
  • School of Political Studies of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)

The national sub component of the project “Strengthening the Network of Schools of Political Studies as an intermediary for public-policy dialogue processes on issues of climate change and the sustainable use of energy” is aimed at engaging all relevant public actors for dialogue and action on issues related to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in consumption in Montenegro.

More efficient use of energy, reduction of costs and harmful emissions, and proactive management of resources at the local, national, or regional level is one of the most urgent tasks of our time. Topics of energy efficiency occupies central position in the EU as the fastest and the most cost-effective manner to achieve strategic goals of mitigating climate change, providing secure energy supply and sustainable economic development.

Anticipated activities will mainly be focused on increasing the understanding, knowledge and capacity when it comes to the legal framework that regulates the field of energy efficiency and the promotion and exchange of good practice among members of the Parliament, media, NGOs, local self governments and the business sector.

In order to create conditions for developing platforms for public dialogue and capacity for the implementation of the Law on Energy Efficiency and National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (2010-2012), School of Democratic Leadership, as a bearer of the PDI project in MNE, has planned to organize a series of consultations, meetings, seminars (individual and cross sectoral) between key project stakeholders.

We consider these activities a precondition for continuing public dialogue initiated with PDI1, generating political will and developing more inclusive and higher quality policy making in the area of sustainable use of energy.

In the current implementation of the project, School of Democratic Leadership has established a successful cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Energy Efficiency Department.
The project started in the 2011, and will continue in 2013.