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Announcement of seminar “Human rights in Montenegro – between standards and practice”

Civic Alliance organizes seminar for participants of XII generation of School of Democratic Leadership from 7 to 9 February. Topic of the seminar will be “Human rights in Montenegro – between standards and practice”.

H.E. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag, Ambassador of Norway, will have introductory lecture at the seminar that will take place in Milocer, at the hotel “Maestral”. Mr Kamsvag will speak about the importance of the Constitution in developing of healthy society, presenting the example of Norway which adopted the first and the highest legal act of the country 200 years ago. The same day, Mr Šućko Baković, Ombudsman in Montenegrin society, will speak about the decade practice of the Institution of Ombudsman.

On the second day of the seminar, Mr Aleksandar Zeković, member of the Council for the civil control of work of the police, will speak about the legislation in human rights area that is based on Copenhagen criteria and about situation in Montenegro, and Mr Sinišsa Bjeković from Center for Human Rights, will speak about institutional protection of human rights in Montenegro. Mr Milan Radović from Civic Alliance will speak about monitoring of human rights violations and most important problems in this area and Mr Srđa Keković, General Secretary of the Union of free trade unions, will speak about labor and trade union rights in Montenegro. Mr Aleksandar Čađenović from UNHCR will speak about the status of refugees and displaced persons after the Balkan crisis and the road towards membership in the EU. Ph. D. Ivana Jelić will have a lecture about minority rights in Montenegro.

The last day f the seminar, Mr Aleksa Ivanović, member of the Council of the Agency for the protection of personal data will speak about the sensitive line between the right to free informing and right to privacy, while Ms Snezana Jonica, MP at the Parliament of Montenegro, will speak about discrimination and if legislation amending makes the impact on changes of social practice. The last lecture in the frame of this module will take Mr Kyle Fielding from the USA Embassy and he will speak about human rights in Montenegro from the perspective of international community.

Participants of XII generation of SDL are 23 young participants from Montenegrin political parties, media and NGOs.