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I module of Regional Academy for Democracy 2014 began

I module of the second generation of Regional Academy for Democracy started yesterday in Nis (21-24 February). RAD is the initiative implemented by seven schools of political studies, with the support of the EU. Among these schools is School of Democratic Leadership.

RAD 2014 is devoted to issues such as human and minority rights, and the I module was on topic “Invisible Faces of Irregular migrations in Western Balkans”.

This year’s generation of participants of Regional Academy for Democracy is composed of representatives of Montenegrin SDL: Goran Tuponja (Positive party), Snežana Jonica (SNP), Sanja Mihaljević (DF), Sead Šahman (BS), Mirko Stanić (SDP), Mirjana Bošković (Ministry of Interior) and Ana Radusinović (Ministry of justice).

Annual program of RAD is composed of four four-days seminars and five-days study visit to one of the countries of the European Union. Politicians and public administration officers from Western Balkan countries are participants and it is being expected from them to have a leading role in regional development in following years.

See more information on RAD 2014 on http://www.radwb.eu