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Announcement of the II Module RAD 2014

The second module of II generation of Regional Academy for Democracy (RAD 2014) will take place from tomorrow until 11 May, in Skoplje.

This module will be about social and labor rights in the light of prolonged economic crisis.

Participants from seven schools of political studies shall deal with matters such as reasons and consequences of prolonged economic crisis in Western Balkan countries, and about future steps and how to help the ones living on margin?

RAD is the initiative implemented by seven schools of political studies (SDL among them), supported by the EU.

This year’s RAD has been devoted to issues of human and minority rights.

You can view more information about the second module of RAD at the following link: http://www.radwb.eu/2013/events/11-social-and-labor-rights-in-times-of-prolonged-economic-crisis