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SDL host of the meeting of directors of School of political studies of CoE

Montenegro and Montenegrin School of Democratic Leadership shall be the host of regular annual meeting of Directors of Schools that are members of the European Association of School of Political Studies, for the first time.

Annual meeting of directors of Schools of Political Studies shall take place on 30 and 31 March in the Hotel „Avala Resourt & Villas”in Budva. Until nowadays, these meetings took place only in Strasbourg and Venice.

Except directors of Schools, the meeting in Budva will attend Mr Matjaž Gruden, GD Policy Planning in Council of Europe. On Monday, 30 March, the meeting will open Mr Igor Lukšić, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in Montenegro and Deputy Prime Minister. After this, the meeting will be closed for public.
Network of Schools of Political Studies (www.schoolsofpoliticalstudies.eu) gathers 21 political schools from the East and Southeast Europe, Visegrad Group, Caucasus and North Africa (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Moldavia, Montenegro, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine and Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia).

Mission of Schools of Political Studies is strengthening of democratic governing in Europe and wider, creating of culture of respect of democratic values, human rights, and the rule of law, through additional education of future generations of political, economic, social and cultural leaders. Recognizing the importance and impact of Schools of Political Studies, the Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe identified the Network of schools of political studies as the priority area in work of this institution.

Montenegrin School exists for 12 years and has almost 400 alumni and functions as the part of Civic Alliance.