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Seminar of School of Political Studies named “Montenegro in the fight against corruption and negotiation chapters 23 and 24” was organized from June 12 to 14 June in Ulcinj. Participants in the seminar were our alumni – representatives of the executive power, high-ranking representatives of political parties, journalists and editors in chief of prominent media in Montenegro and representatives of nongovernmental organizations.

Genci Nimanbegu, Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro and H.E. Veselko Grubišić, Ambassador of Croatia to Montenegro addressed the participants at the opening ceremony of the seminar on June 12. The introductory lecture on institutional budget control and mechanisms for exercising control in the public finance system was given by dr Branislav Radulović.

The second day of the seminar began with a lecture by Raško Konjević, member of the Parliament of Montenegro, about the independence and proactivity of institutions in fight against corruption. Momčilo Radulović spoke about the challenges of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, and Dragan Radonjić gave a lecture about the activities of the Special Police Department and international police cooperation infight against corruption.

The guest of the seminar was Lidija Vukčević, a special state prosecutor who gave a lecture to alumni on about the fight against high corruption and financial investigations. The second day of the seminar ended with a lecture of Aleksandar Damjanović on responsibility in the public finance system.

The third day of the seminar was dedicated to topics such as challenges for journalists in anti-corruption issues, experiences and challenges of Croatia in the EU accession process and the rule of law in Montenegro from the EU perspective. Lectures were given by Tanja Pavićević, editor of the cultural section in Pobjeda; H.E. Veselko Grubišić, Ambassador of Croatia to Montenegro and Akvile Normantienne, Political Affairs Advisor at the EU Delegation to Montenegro.