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World Forum for Democracy 2016

World Forum for Democracy 2016 will be organized in Strasbourg from 7 until 9 November 2016. Topic of the Forum will be “Democracy and Equality – is education important?”. This World Forum will focus on relations between democracy and education, and up to which extent is important for democratic societies. Schools, universities, civil society organizations, and other educational institutions, that should encourage achieving of values and skills that are essential for democracy. This event, which gathers more than 500 participants, leaders from different spheres and parts of the world, will focus on education and it can help in overcoming of gaps in the society. As in previous years, School of Democratic Leadership (SDL) with its participants will participate in this prestigious event.

Agenda of this event is available on the following link: http://www.coe.int/en/web/world-forum-democracy/programme-2016