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Alumni conference „Towards efficient fight against corruption in Montenegro“

School of Democratic Leadership will organize the alumni conference „Towards efficient fight against corruption in Montenegro” on Wednesday, 23 November. The conference will take place at the Hotel „Hilton” (Hall Jelena).

Different aspects of fight against corruption, preventive mechanisms and concrete problems in work of judicial bodies and prosecution, and efficiency of public institutions in this process, will be the topics of three panels of the conference.

Panelists at this event will be ambassadors of foreign countries in Montenegro, bearers of the highest judicial functions and representatives of public institutions. Moderators of the panels will be prominent journalists and SDL alumni.

The conference is primarily intended for SDL alumni, but is also opened for other interested participants. This event is organized in cooperation with the Visegrad School of Political Studies, with the assistance of funds received from the Commission for allocation of the lottery funds.

Find the agenda of the conference HERE.